Chemicals trading company

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JSC „Margunas“ is located in a separate 1.2 ha area. The company has production space of 4000 m2, warehousing space of 1500 m2 for solid materials and capacity tanks of 1100 m3 for liquid products.  The warehouse has all necessary equipment for effective work with large quantities of goods. Nevertheless, the company owns 10 road tankers (3 rubbered) and 5 tent-trucks which enables company to effectively control its logistics and serve its customers. The transport fleet is suitable for transportation of hazardous chemical substances (ADR). Also, Margunas has its own railway cisterns and railway branch in its territory. Railway is designed for the transportation of cargo by Lithuanian and Eastern railway lines.


JSC "Margunas" provides following logistics services:
   • Transportation of liquid products by railway cisterns;
   • Product handling to ADR road-tankers or IBC's;
   • Warehousing services;
   • Cargo transportation to Western Europe.
Margunas has all necessary equipment and professional staff to asure quality and safety for offered services.
For logistic services, please contact:
Logistics Manager Ieva
Mob.: +370 659 11 717; Tel.: +370 37 465462